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At Phoenix Health, your health and wellbeing is our number one priority. We want your cover to be the perfect fit, so you get the most value from your membership. Here’s a few things that set Phoenix Health Hospital cover apart from the rest.

1. Hospital cover designed with you in mind

We get that your needs and lifestyle change from time-to-time which is why we continually review our available hospital covers and have made it easy to compare your existing cover with the full range of available Phoenix Health covers online. This means your hospital cover will always be your perfect fit and you won’t end up paying for a heap of services you don’t want.

Click here to compare your cover to our range of Phoenix Health covers currently available for purchase – it only takes a couple of minutes.

2. More excess options

All available Phoenix Health Hospital covers offer the choice of three levels of excess; $250, $500 and $750, to give you more control over your membership. To save on your premiums without compromising on your level of cover, simply select a higher level of excess.

3. Access discounts and avoid loadings

To make taking out and maintaining cover as affordable as possible, all available Phoenix Health Hospital covers are eligible for the Age-Based Discount for members under 30. Our hospital covers can also help you avoid the Medicare Levy Surcharge and the Lifetime Health Cover loading.

4. Australia-wide cover

Whether you’re at home or away, you can be confident that we’ve got your back! With access to over 550 private hospitals and 36,000 Access Gap Doctors Australia wide, you can feel safe knowing we cover a Hospital near you.

5. Unlimited ambulance cover

All Phoenix Health Hospital covers provide you with unlimited cover for all medically necessary ambulance treatment and transport across Australia by road, air and sea.1

6. No waiting periods for accidents

Life can be unpredictable so it’s great knowing that you’ll be covered not only for all things that you’ve got planned in life but also the things you haven’t, like accidents. If you’ve recently joined or upgraded your level of Phoenix Health Hospital cover and are still within your waiting periods for a treatment or service you need in the event of an accident, we’ll waive the waiting periods.2

7. No Excess or Co-payments for kids

We know you’ve got enough to worry about if your kids are sick, so we always waive the Excess and Co-payments for dependant children.

8. Health Management Programs

Looking after your health is about more than just supporting you while you’re admitted to hospital. We’re with you throughout your hospital journey and have a range of programs available to help prepare you for a hospital admission, manage chronic conditions and help you recover quicker at home.

In addition to these programs, we offer the Hatchling Support Program to support you from the moment you learn you’re pregnant through to the first eight weeks of your baby’s life.

These programs are included free with your Phoenix Health Hospital cover.

9. Manage your membership 24/7

Getting the most value from your cover is about knowing what’s included and how you can use it. We want to make managing your membership easy so you can get on with more exciting things in life, which is why you can view your cover and available benefits anytime online via the Phoenix Health Online Member Service (OMS) Portal or the Phoenix Health App for iOS and Android.

10. Here when you need us

There’s nothing more personal than your health and we pride ourselves on being there for you with personal service. If you have any questions about your cover, your Phoenix Health membership or are planning a hospital admission, reach out to the Phoenix Health Team.

We want you to be confident in your cover; let us help you so you can focus on what’s important.


Benefits, limits and waiting periods may apply. The above information applies to Phoenix Health Hospital covers available for purchase as at 1 March 2021. For more information about available covers and included benefits, see individual cover information sheets.

1Medically necessary means on-site treatment to your closest hospital or emergency department for treatment of an acute medical condition. A waiting period of 1 day applies to Ambulance cover.

2See the Phoenix Health Member Guide or contact the Phoenix Health Team for more information.