Father’s Day is coming up this weekend and with many of us still experiencing various levels of restrictions or lockdowns to make things easy we’ve put together some gift ideas to help you spoil Dad from wherever you might be.

1. Sneakers or work out gear

Surprise Dad with a new pair of sneakers, something for his home gym or sporting equipment – keeping our bodies moving is especially important while many of our community sports and events are cancelled.

2. Online subscriptions

Is there something your Dad is passionate about or has always wanted to learn? With some extra time on his hands, now could be the time to try an online subscription from Masterclass.

Choose from a huge range of online classes from some of the world’s most impressive minds including cooking classes with Gordon Ramsey, jazz with Herbie Hancock and space exploration with astronaut and former commander of the International Space Station Chris Hadfield. There’s something for everyone!

Browse Masterclass here.

3. Indoor plants

Sending flowers and indoor plants shouldn’t be reserved just for Mother’s Day! But if he’s not the flowers type, try an indoor plant – almost everyone loves to be surrounded by the freshness a plant offers and many also have added health benefits like purifying and removing toxins from the air.

There’s many to choose from that are easy to care for and require little watering or attention – for example a Pothos, also known as a Devil’s Ivy, is known for its ability tolerate under- and over-watering and nearly pitch-black light conditions.

4. Customised illustration

Looking for something more personal? Check out Etsy for customised illustrations and caricatures – depending on your personal style there’s hundreds of designers and artists who will turn your favourite photo into a unique and personalised piece of artwork.

Start searching Etsy here.

5. Dinner delivered

Lockdown or no lockdown, small businesses including restaurants and café’s have had a tough 18 months. If your locals are open and restrictions allow, take Dad out for a meal to celebrate.

But if you live too far away to see Dad or lockdown means you can’t dine in, lots of establishments are offering delivery or take away services, so spoiling dad can be a win-win. Check your local’s social media accounts for updates or give them a call.

6. Make a donation

Is there a cause close to your and your dad’s heart or an organisation he volunteers with? Consider making a donation on his behalf in lieu of a gift, or if it’s time he donates, take the opportunity to get involved with him.

7. Let Dad choose!

Can’t decide what to get Dad? We’ve got you covered with our Shop.Save.Support. Program. Choose from our wide range, then purchase your eGift card online and send it straight to his inbox by using the Share a Gift functionality. You can even personalise an existing template with your Father’s Day message.

Go to Shop.Save.Support.

What ever your Father’s Day looks like, we hope the Dad’s, dad’s-to-be and father figures have a happy and safe day!

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